The Alexandria Foundation

Publically the Alexandria Foundation is a philanthropic, non-profit organization dedicated to the “preservation of the human experience”. As an organization the Foundation promotes and supports, scientific research (through financial grants and assistance), intellectual curiosity (with various museums and exhibits), and recording the history and accomplishments of mankind (through their libraries and archives).

Because of the Foundation’s goals and research the organization has come into contact with what can only be called “the unknown” throughout its history. They have been exposed to the paranormal, the supernatural, and the unexplained. This has lead to the Alexandria Foundation’s private goal; investigating and understanding the unknown; what the Foundation calls “anomalous circumstances”, and in some cases, protecting humanity from from these things.

In the city of Chicago the Alexandria Foundation is represented by the Chicago Repository located in Chernokopf Building located in Ukrainain Village, just off the West Side.

The Chicago Repository is headed by Dr. Evelyn Carlyle, PhD.

The Alexandria Foundation

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